Hello Calgary! We're excited to host you for the 2023 Season!

Investment Opportunities

Are you ready to tap into the booming market of stress relief and unique experiences? Look no further than the Mobile Rage Zone, a turnkey business opportunity that brings the exhilarating concept of a rage room right to your customers' doorstep.


Here's why the Rage Zone is an exciting investment opportunity:

Profitable and Growing

Turnkey Business

Expanding Customer Base

Flexibility and Convenience

Established Brand

Existing Relationship with Suppliers


Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity to own a mobile rage room business with a proven track record of profitability and a growing customer base. The Mobile Rage Zone is your ticket to a unique and in-demand business venture that brings stress relief and exhilaration to your customers whenever and wherever they need it.


Contact us now (Contact@calgaryragezone.ca) to explore this exciting opportunity and learn more about the Mobile Rage Zone in Calgary, Alberta. Let's unleash the potential of stress relief on the go!