About Us

When people are stressed out, meditation, counseling therapy, breathing exercises, and light jogging usually help to relieve stress but if it doesn’t cut it, we welcome you to the Rage Box.

Ever thought of slamming your own phone against the wall, smashing your laptop when it is slow or throwing a malfunctioning printer out the window? Now you can now do this in a fun, safe environment where you don’t have to worry about consequences and regret. At Rage Box, smashing, shattering, tearing, stomping is highly encouraged!

This is a unique experience where you can participate solo or with friends, family, and colleagues.

You’ll have an opportunity to choose a package of smashables that best fit your needs. Moreover, you will get to select a weapon of choice from the available arsenal to start your rage journey with Rage Box.

The coolest part about all of this is that we can bring the Rage experience to you.