Hello Calgary! We're excited to host you for the 2023 Season!

Bring your Own Items

Bring your Own Items

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Please note: If you would like us to come to your location, please reach out to us through the 'Contact Page' to book a custom event.


1 - 2 Patrons

Bring whatever you've been looking to destroy over! 

Additional Items to Be Provided:

  • Small - 10
  • Medium - 3

Special item +$25

Obviously, no gas canister or explosive items can be used in this packages. The RZ team has the right to refuse items that can cause harm or damage (to you or us). 


The following items are provided for each individual participating in the event:

  • Cut-resistant Gloves (required)
  • Safety Glasses (required)
  • Face Shields

You are required to wear closed face shoes or rent a pair of our steel-toe slippers for this event! Please select this in the add-on section to protect your feet!


Small-item examples: Cups, plates, jars, computer mouse, 0.5L bottles, etc.

Medium item examples: Vases, larger dish, 1L bottles, keyboard, modems, speakers, etc.

Large item examples: Small TVs, computer monitors, processors, multifunction printers, larger decor, etc.

XL item examples: Large TVs, vacuums, tables, large speakers, etc.

Special item examples: Large standalone printers, piano, attached drywall, etc. 

All items are subject to availability.

Refund Policy: Rescheduling is welcomed for up to 24hrs before the event time. Those cancelling or rescheduling less than 24 hours before can redeem 50% of the package value. For no-shows, we will reimburse 20% of event value.